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personalized cartoon postcard program

Find and keep clients with personalized cartoons

Looking for the purr-fect marketing tool?

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Simply put, I help create marketing material that gets noticed, differentiates you from the competition, and brings in new clients.

These aren't just ordinary postcards -- they're keepsakes for clients and potential clients to keep, collect, and cherish.

100% Response Rate

It IS possible to get 100% response rate with cartoon marketing! An example is an appointment generating campaign from another cartoon marketing company. 1,200 postcards were sent to 1,200 prospects -- and all 1,200 agreed to an appointment. (Source: CartoonLink)


My name is Nate Fakes. I live in Bellbrook, Ohio, and I'm a cartoonist for MAD Magazine, 21st Century Fox, and I am also a syndicated cartoonist whose creations appears in newspapers and online.

Creating cartoons for companies such as 21st Century Fox, Costco and Breck's, and then watching the powerful results, I was motivated to start these postcards. These memorable cartoons get shared and hung on office walls. Plus, having a cat named Tiger, I'm pretty fond of animals.

I believe cartoons are THE BEST and most POWERFUL form of marketing available. After all, surveys done by The New Yorker magazine show that 98% of its readers view the cartoons first and the other 2% are lying.


The postcards measure 4.25” x 6”, are full-colored, white matte with gloss and UV finish. They feature a personalized cartoon on the front, your message, logo, appointment reminder or whatever you want to add on the back.

Because I know you're busy, after you proof them, my team and I take care of creating and mailing them.

I also know you have numerous reasons to send postcards (appointments, prospective new clients, birthdays, welcome, etc.), and we'll work with you on figuring out the best system of mailing, whether it be in bulk or throughout the month.

You will get a postcard allowance each month, depending on your membership plan.

ADDED BONUS: Cartoons for your email marketing, too! This varies with your membership plan. You can pick from my cartoon vault on this membership site or from www.natefakescartoons.com


As a member, you'll get to browse all my cartoons available for use, the newest cartoons, blogs, and more. You'll also get my weekly email with a new cartoon. I'm here to help with anything you need and with deciding on the perfect cartoon.


The WMP (Well Managed Practice) Benchmarks 2009 study, says that veterinary clients spends an average of $440 per year on medical care for their pets. With this cost-efficient postcard marketing plan, generating just two clients from our most affordable monthly subscription plan will almost pay for the cost of marketing. And, with the humor they will receive on a regular basis, clients deserve a little comic relief when discussing vet visits. I’m sure if their pets could read, they would agree.

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$700/month Includes up to 700 postcards a month. Cost includes postage. One individual cartoon usage allowed for email per month while member.

Go to silver


$1400/month Includes up to 2000 postcards a month. Cost includes postage. Five individual cartoon usage allowed for email per month while member.

Go to gold


$2100/month Includes up to 3000 postcards a month. Cost includes postage. 10 individual cartoons usage allowed for email per month while member.

Go to max


$2800/month Includes up to 4000 postcards a month. Cost includes postage. Unlimited cartoons usage allowed for email per month while member.

I'm excited to work with you! If you have any questions, please just fill out the form below and get in contact or call me at 937-760-3454

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